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Promote your business with International SMS

In the age of globalization & advancement in telecommunication technologies, no business is confined to local boundaries. Today, businesses are in the process of expanding beyond their national boundaries to make their presence in international markets. In order to promote products & services international bulk SMS marketing has proved to be a very effective & economical medium. Here it is worth noting that international bulk SMS is concerned with sending SMS in bulk quantities to international customers / subscribers.

Advantages of International SMS

  1. Greater reach beyond local boundaries
  2. Brand awareness in international markets
  3. Generation of leads & increased business
  4. Increased customer traction
  5. Instant campaign implementation & response.

Features of International SMS

  1. Instant delivery provided
  2. Precision customer targeting
  3. Send SMS with attachments
  4. Use of international gateways
  5. SMS Gateway API
  6. SMS from the Web
  7. Desktop Application
  8. Detailed Campaign Monitoring.

Features of International SMS

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